May 16, 2021

cbd oil reviewed

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Ardent Cannabis' Infusion Kits Product Demonstration

Author and cannabis cooking expert Cheri Sicard takes a look at the new gourmet infusion kits available from Ardent Cannabis and demonstrates using the Ardent Lift Decarboxylator to make cannabis infused coconut oil.

With or without the kits, the video shows anyone who owns the Ardent Lift (AKA Nova) Decarboxylator how to use it to make small batch infusions. There’s no easier, neater, or more odor-proof way to make small batches of marijuana infusions. About the size of a coffee grinder, the Ardent Lift makes cannabis infusions anywhere — even your hotel room or dorm room!

The Lift first decarboxylates your cannabis, you then can use it to actually infuse your butter, oil, honey, cream, etc. Genius! The kits profiled here make terrific gifts for anyone who owns the Lift, but know that even without the special kits, you can use this gadget to make great small-batch cannabis infusions using oil, butter, honey, cream, and more.

If you don’t know about Decarboxylation and why you need it, check out this free tutorial on my website. ).

Get $30 off when ordering the Ardent Lift Decarboxylator, enter the coupon code CANNACHERI at checkout.

Check out Cheri’s full review of the Ardent Lift Decarboxylator

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