April 1, 2023

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Im Returning To Youtube + Why My Channel Got Terminated!

Im Returning To Youtube + Why My Channel Got Terminated!

This was a video I never thought I would be making and this is a video of me going into clear detail as to why I (Sun Fruit Dan) am returning to this Youtube as Sun Fruit Dan.

I had not planned to return to making Youtube videos under my “Sun Fruit Dan” name after my main Youtube channel “Sun Fruit Dan” got terminated early last year but a few things had happened recently that made me feel drawn to rebuilding the terminated Youtube channel through this Sun Fruit Dan backup channel that I created last year.

I go into great detail in this video about all of the above and also why my Sun Fruit Dan Youtube channel got terminated, what video content you can expect to see from me on this Youtube channel and much more.

So if any of the above interests you then I highly recommend you watch this video “Im Returning To Youtube + Why My Channel Got Terminated” from start to finish NOW!

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