January 28, 2022

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Tarot Tuesday: Twin Flames, Awakened Ones & The Sleeping Ones!


Intro: Schumann Resonance News for 7 places on Earth. A Course in Miracles Lesson 216. A discussion on when and how others can hurt themselves or help themselves deepening upon how they actually treat you.  How this is heightened when there is a Heyoka Shaman involved!  How your karma boomerangs quickly back to you when you have a Heyoka in your life.  I give 2 examples from my life: one negative and one positive, although, in the end, the lessons learned made them both an overall positive experience. Tonight’s Topic: It’s TAROT TUESDAY!  I read 9 Tarot cards tonight that answer the Past Present and Future in each of 3 different questions.  First Question concerns TWIN FLAMES or Soul Mates (if you are NOT a TF incarnate) and it does also provide answers for those of us who are not currently involved, like me! 🙂  Second Question:  Where are the AWAKENED and AWAKENING ONES at as it concerns our collective Spirituality?  And the Third Question:  What about the SLEEPERS?  The Sleeping, unawakened souls.  What have they been going through, where are they now and what awaits them in the future? My past in all these questions covrs the past 3 months.  The now is right now, this week.  And the future cards covers the next six months!🌈Thank you for listening! 🌈 💗💌Feel free to write, comment, ask questions, or to make a donation via PayPal to this email address: MetaphysicalSoulSpeak@gmail.com 💌💗 🌜💙Also available: Private, professional readings/ channeling of Masters of Light, God or your dearly departed loved ones for $111. 🌜💙 🌴CBD oil link is here: Now Available: Super High Quality 10X CBD OIL! http://myctfocbd.com/CBDforMetaphysicalSouls ( That’s CBDforMetaphysicalSouls as YouTube keeps stripping out my link! AS IF!)🌴 🌟 With your host, Reverend Alanna Fox Starks, D.D. 🌟

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