July 29, 2021

cbd oil reviewed

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trupura Strawberry & Cream White Chocolate Bar, Watermelon Gummies, Hemp Oil Tincture TbB Review

Cannabidiol products with no THC. These are what people are looking for these days. With the THC market in full swing in many states people are still looking for the benefits of cannabinoids without the psychedelic or mental disruption. Cannabidiol can do that for you and trupura is providing some great choices for those options.

Testing by Brian reviewed three products a white chocolate bar, a MCT tincture, and a gummie. Here is what we found. Honestly and without any influence. I am looking at these products from the same stand point you would be buying them.

Testing by Brian is here to evaluate the products available to customers in the cannabis industry. With a focus on the Hemp side of the industry we will acquire products and test them using industry standard techniques. We will be using a HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) instrument to review the cannabinoid content of these products. We will compare the claim on the package to our results and talk about what we find.

I am not saying my test results are perfect or that every product will test perfectly. There are many variables in the mechanics of testing and the ability to reproducible what another lab has gotten exactly is just well impossible. But we should be in the same ball park as one another. Nothing is nothing and something is something so let’s all dig in and see what we learn together.

This venture was started because I care about the quality of products my mother is taking, and the encouragement of a few friends. We all know these products can be costly therefore I want to ensure that I know my mother is getting the cannabinoid profile she is looking for. As I do this, I will share my finding with everyone who is interested.

We will learn about how words are used and what they may imply. From one company to another Hemp Oil, Hemp Extract, and Hemp Oil Extract do not mean the same thing. The only time I feel confident about a form of one these phrases is when it says Hemp Seed Oil. That we all can agree comes from the Hemp Seed as is stated in the wording.

CBD (Cannabidiol), THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and Hemp products have become increasingly popular with every demographic of people. For good reason the cannabis sativa plant is very useful from its fibers to sticky icky cannabinoid containing flowers we can benefit from this plant in many ways and for many reasons.

Please visit me at Testingbybrian.com to learn more about the products we have tested and how you can support our cause. While there learn how to contact us to drop a message about what you have questions about and I will work my best to answer these questions.

Thank you everyone for your interest in understanding the cannabis industry better. We look at products so people know what questions to ask when looking for the products they want.